TGIF Baby!

Mar. 17th, 2006 06:23 pm
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While I am glad that it's finally Friday because I am exhausted from this week and really need this weekend, this week has been fantastic, so I can't really complain!

I wrote about how good Tuesday was at work already.

Wednesday was the last night of volleyball for the semester...or so I thought! That's right, they've decided to have a 6 week course for April into May. YAY!!! We had already planned to go out for beers after playing on Wed. since we thought it was the last one, so I went out and had a really great time with everyone. Also, Phil, the old guy with Parkinson's, showed up and it was nice to see him again, although he is getting worse and worse. =(

Thursday was a SUPER day!!! David and I went to lunch and I sat in on his workshop, which was great. I didn't really get anything else done all day but it was still a good day at work. Then G picked me up from the metro and we had a great night. We grabbed dinner at Moby Dick's in Bethesda, then went to Bob's for ice cream and played checkers. We went back to my house and hung out and laughed and LAUGHED until waaay too late, but it was a great time.

This weekend should be fun, too. I think we're going out tonight for St. Patrick's Day, but no firm plans yet... On Saturday, I am going back up to Baltimore to work on my cousin's room, then probably going out in Baltimore to celebrate a friend of ours getting into a residency program for med school. Sunday we are going swimming for youth group (where I am going to watch them and not swim) and then I am done for the afternoon, so that should be some nice relaxing time.

ALSO, G is *officially* on his spring break, so YAY FUN next week for us!! =)
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Today is turning out to be A Good Day!!!

First, volleyball last night was not as great as it has been, but still good. I felt like some of the players on my team were rather lackadaisical when it came to putting effort into chasing after the ball, which can really annoy me sometimes. Like when I have sacrificed my body to chase down a ball and then they just watch it fall and shrug like "Oh well, maybe next time." GRR. On the plus side, though, I felt like I definitely put way more effort into playing, which gave me a better work out. (And sweatier clothes. =P) I also am starting to be more consistent in the toss for my jump serves, which I have never done before. As long as the toss stays consistent, the whole hitting it in or over the net part will follow. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. ;)

When I got home last night, I found out that poor Tania has the flu. Today she felt better, but was having trouble breathing, so she thought she might have pneumonia instead. Ack. Poor girl. I feel bad for her and want to help her feel better...but at the same time I kinda want to quarantine her so Kym and I don't get sick, too! So far, I am feeling fine, though, so...yeah. No biggie yet.

So. Why today is A Good Day. My sister just called me to let me know that she has been offered a position on staff for ASP this summer. YAY!!!!!! She's following in my footsteps. Awesome!! I am hoping she's kinda close by (within an 8 hour drive would be nice!) so I can go see her this summer without lots of driving. Also, the closer she is, the more likely G might be able to come with me, but we'll see on that. He had an interview this week, so he might be a working boy this summer.

The other good thing for me today is that I am in the process of coming up with a new educational workshop to offer and I just got a big help from another advocacy group with the basic outline of a plan that I can refine and tweak until I have it the way I want it. That is so helpful and fantastic!!

Tonight is pizza and Olympics with Kym. Too bad my blender is on the fritz or it could be pizza, Olympics and daiquiris!!!
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Yesterday was a pretty good day...I made it home to mom and dad's house in traffic that wasn't TOO bad, even though I left about half an hour later than I normally do. I showed them The Pink Sparkly and they very much approved! =) Dinner was left over homemade chicken soup and it was so good. I love my mom's home cooking! Volleyball was fun and quite a workout, as it's starting to be super competitive all the time. I got home pretty late and was totally wiped out, so I took a shower, talked to G for just a few mins and then went to bed.

Today has been a good day, too, when I finally got out of bed...I was so tired this morning, I finally had to MAKE myself get up at 8:45, which is half an hour later than I hoped to be up. I finished my book on the metro, got a lot done in the morning, and had yummy Chipotle for lunch. I tried the carnitas (pulled pork) and I am not such a fan. I think I'll be sticking with chicken. Ugh, I am SOOO stuffed though, I feel like I can hardly move.

It's soooo nice out today...sunshiney and warm, crocuses and daffodils coming up, birds singing, motorcades driving by. ;) It's nice! I wish it would stay this warm out, but I think it's going to get cold again. Bummer.
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I am in SUCH a great mood! I feel like I could do a little happy dance all day today. =)

Yesterday I predicted that I would have a good day. I was wrong. I had a GREAT day!!

I left work a little early to hit up the post office and mail Brad his Christmas gift. (Sadly, that is not my last gift to give...but V and I are getting together on Monday to swap, so that's good!) Once I got home, I had a little snack then Dad and I headed to the airport to pick up Mom. She went to Denmark for 5 days with some friends of hers. One day, I will have enough money to be just like my mom and go galavanting around the world on fancy trips. *sigh* One day.... Anyway, we picked her up and got to hear all about her trip, which sounded like tons o' fun. I'm going to see her pictures on Sunday, so I'm really looking forward to that. AND she brought me presents!! I got these cute picture-holder-clip thingies and a SUPER cute purse! I am going to take it with me to California, because it is perfect for that trip!

After that I had to jet over to volleyball which absolutely ROCKED. We were split into four teams and all of us were pretty much evenly matched, which meant that we had to play hard. I have NEVER seen so many of us so sweaty and tired after the first hour. I really felt like I was working out, not just playing around. It was GREAT!!!

I was exhausted when I finally got home last night, so I slept really well (at least until 7:15) but I am still super thirsty from last night. My body didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, either, which is always a nice surprise! I was really productive when I got up this morning and then I had fun emails when I got into work. Today is another low-key day for me, but it's nice to have some time to get stuff done without feeling frantic about it.

Anyway, I am in SUCH a great mood today! =) Have a great Thursday! =)

Life update

Feb. 2nd, 2006 11:18 am
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I haven't done this in a while, so here's a quick life update.

Life is GOOD! =)

G is back in school, which keeps him busy, but weekends are ours to spend time together. Last weekend we went out to dinner with his sis, then out to the bars (for the first time!!) with my sis and got to meet up with Dan and Rach while we were at it.

My car got taken in for repairs and now it doesn't vibrate as bad as it used to. I no longer get out of my car with a headache from the insane, loud vibrations. (Also, it was a motor mount that was coming loose which now officially makes TWO cars that I have had the engine almost fall out of when I was driving it. To go with all the other car drama that you know comes with me!)

Volleyball is rockin'. There are consistently 16-20 people showing up, which means playing 3 round robin games each night. AND these new people are GOOD. Which means I get to show off my skillz yo. ;) Seriously, though, last night I had this AMAZING hit. I feel really good about playing. If I had relaxed at UMD the way I do here, I would have been so much better. It's amazing how good you can be when you are having fun.

Work is going great. I was super busy for a while there, when we got back from Vegas, but now I am all caught up, which is great. I also got several emails in the past few days saying I was "awesome," "great" and "fantastic" which is so nice, given that my Group From Hell arrives in two weeks.

On Tuesday, I was most amused by my roommates as Tania and I listened to Kym yell at Bush through the TV while he gave his State of the Union address. I am really going to miss those girls when we move out in August. =(

So that's about it for now. Like I said, life is good. I've been keeping busy but still having fun, which is really the most important part! Sometimes I still feel like I need to be doing more to save the world, but one day at a time, one step at a time, I am doing my own little part.


Nov. 17th, 2005 10:57 am
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I need prayers for my friend Phil.

Phil plays volleyball with me every Wednesday, and has for about 2 years. He's an older gentleman--I would say maybe a little older than my dad--and he has Parkinson's. Usually, Phil is a little shakey, and every now and then he may stumble and fall, but last night was unusually bad. First he fell into the net, and almost dragged the net down. Then he fell into another woman that we play with and she kinda caught him before he fell. The third time, he tried to hit the ball and another guy who was right there literally caught him as he fell down. (Mind you, Phil is not a small guy--he's about 6'2" and pretty solid.) The last time Phil fell, he fell face first, straight onto the ground, and no one was able to catch him. Also, he was unable to put his hands out to brace himself since he doesn't have that great control over his body due to the Parkinson's. Basically, the only reason he still has teeth and not a broken nose is because he was able to turn his head at the last moment. He definitely blacked out for a few minutes and he had a large lump on his head that he was bleeding from. We called an ambulance, but they can't make him go, and he refused to go and get checked out and make sure that he didn't have any internal head bleeding or anything. He also lives alone, so someone was going to take him home and try to call someone but if Phil refused to give them a phone number, what could they do? He's such a stubborn man.

Anyway, needless to say it was a pretty rough night. Please keep Phil in your prayers.


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