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Well, yesterday was quite a success for me!!  I got home from work and Tania and I went for a run.  We got inside about two minutes before The Storm rushed in.  There was lightning, torrential downpouring and hail.  All very exciting!  Our lights flickered once or twice but we didn't loser power, wihch was great because that meant I could use my computer (once it passed us by, of course!)  So I managed to download all of my pictures from this weekend off my camera and then upload them so everyone *coughMeredithcough* could see them! =)

2006 Snow

Cherry Blossoms

Random 2006

Flowers (first one through "tulip")

Also, UMD's women's basketball team is playing in the finals tonight, so G and I are headed to College Park to try to catch the game.  They're showing it in the campus movie theater, but if that's too packed, we're just going to head to the bars.  Anyone who wants to come is more than welcome!!  Any bad vibes sent in the general direction of the Duke team would also be greatly appreciated! ;)
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I finally got all my pictures from the past month uploaded.  Here we go...

Apartment Party (aka the Pre-Christmas Shindig)

Christmas 2005

NYC 2005

Jessie's 21st Birthday

Vegas Trip - Album 1

Vegas Trip - Album 2

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Thanksgiving pics

Shoes at the end.  They're hot.
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I just found out that I won two third-place ribbons for photography at the Anne Arundel County Fair.  Awesome!

I won for the "Flowers" category and "Animals."  Here's the link to my photos page: Jen's photos.  The flower picture is called "Pretty Flower" and the animal one is "Jes holding a tadpole."


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