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After work on Friday, G picked me up and we went to his house for Chinese food with his mom. After dinner, we booked our flight and looked into hotel and car reservations. (Need to go to AAA to see if we can get some discounts through them before we book those!) This will now be four major birthdays that I'll miss spending with the fam. (16 at ASP, 18 in Africa, 21 on ASP and now 25 at a wedding in CA!) The past three have been worth it--I am guessing this one will be, too! =)

On Saturday morning, I woke up and made a Target run with Tania. Then she and Kym went to Montgomery Mall, but I had to go to White Flint to pick up my pictures, so I didn't get to go with them there. After I got my pictures, I went to Borders to see if I could find any books on driving Highway 101 out in CA, since that's part of our trip this summer, but nothing really stood out to me. I went to AC Moore Crafts afterwards and got this huge 28-opening picture frame on clearance for $14.50, which I am excited about using for a new Project. I think I want to find baby pictures of me and Jes and our mom and dad and then throw in a couple of G and his sister (since they are so darn cute too!) and frame 'em all up. We'll see how that goes...

After running my errands, I spent about an hour organizing my pictures into chronological order, then got about 1/6 of them put in an album in another hour. I went to G's house and we headed to Silver Spring to meet up with his friend Eugene. After a less than stellar performance at Chick-fil-A (seriously, the girl who took my order was an idiot) we were back at another Borders to meet Eugene. We decided to go to Coldstone Creamery for dessert and we waited in line for AN HOUR AND A HALF. And there were...maybe 20 people ahead of us. The guys working there were even dumber than the Chick-fil-A girl. Ugh. But my Strawberry Shortcake ice cream was totally worth it, plus we got to talk and hang out, which was what we wanted in the first place. After ice cream, we went back to Borders (again!) to look at some books, then headed home. I went home after Weekend Update on SNL, since we were both falling asleep at that point.

Sunday I woke up late, skipped breakfast, and raced to church. Jes came in even later than I did, so I felt less bad. ;) We had a great sermon, then Jes and I went down to Fellowship Hall to find Dad. We talked to him for a little bit, then Jes left and I changed into scrubby clothes. Yesterday was our Middle School vs. High School UMYF Superbowl Game. I QB'd at first and almost threw a touchdown, but it was not to be, so the High Schoolers took over right at our endzone. After a quick interception by one of my co-counselors, the Middle Schoolers had the ball back. I passed on QBing and ended up as a reciever and caught the first touchdown of the day!!! (And had a nifty little touchdown dance! =P)

After the Mudbowl ended, I headed back home to spend some more time with Dad. We looked through some old photos of my mom to help me with my Project, but we couldn't find any of him, so we have to wait for Mom to get home and tell us where they are. (My Mom went to Copenhagen for the week with some friends, since she's never been before. Yeah. Talk about disposable income!) I headed over to G's and made it a little before 6, so we were off to Giant for burrito fixin's, a la Chipotle. We had a YUM dinner with his mom, then watched the game. YAY STEELERS!!! This is the first time that "my team" has won the Superbowl when G and I have watched it together. Afterwards, we watched "Grey's Anatomy" which was quite excellent, but left us with a cliffhanger. I hate that!!!

Today I am sooo sleeeeeepy!! Apparently, everyone is, though, since I talked to both our office administrator and maintenance guy and they both said they were dragging today as well. But I am super happy from this weekend and I am getting totally excited about planning our CA trip! I'm probably going to take off a little early on Thursday to meet G at the AAA office near him so we can get books and maps and all that other fun stuff AAA gives you!


Jan. 5th, 2006 11:55 am
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So, it's not like I'm a USC fan or anything....

I just really hate Texas.


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