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Jun. 2nd, 2006 11:28 am
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I heard this song for the first time today and I really like it.

Keith Urban, She's Gotta Be

So much for never makin' the same mistake
I can't believe I'm here again
So much for ever thinkin' that I could change
My good intentions still remain in chains

She's gotta be over me now
Probably moved on with her life
Found someone she knows she can believe
God I would give anything if I could just go back again
And be the man she needed me to be

I thought I was a hero
I played him well
He saves the day but not himself
I acted out the lover
My finest part
Had all the lines but not the heart
No look where we are

She's gotta be over me now
Probably moved on with her life
Found someone she knows she can believe
God I would give anything if I could just go back again
And be the man she needed me to be

Be the man that she could trust, who put her first
Who tamed his demons, who healed her hurts
In health and sickness, who helped her grow
With no resentment, true repentance, God as my witness

She's gotta be over me now
Probably moved on with her life
Found someone she knows she can believe
God I would give anything if I could just go back again
And be the man she needed me to be

She needed me to be
She needed me to be, oh
Whoa, hallelujah
Yeah, I could be that man she needed me, she needed me to be
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I love the internet. I can find so much information so easily!

And if something is bothering me because it doesn't seem fair, I can look it up and be rewarded with an answer that makes me laugh out loud at how lame it is. Forget it not being fair--now it's entertaining!!
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So far today, there have been three motorcades that have gone by.

One was HUGE--we're thinking that might have been Bush or Cheney--and the other two have been pretty small.

It kinda breaks up the day when you have that many sirens and motorcycles and stuff driving by!

[Edit: three minutes later, add another motorcade. This one had big trucks in it...wonder what they're transporting. Also, helicopters just flew real low over us. Wonder if they're tracking the motorcade. Hmmm...]
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from, on US Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings....

She had her babies without pain medication. She's a tough enough manager to be called a "bulldog on details" by Rove; strong enough to raise her girls as a single mom when her first marriage ended; brave enough to admit that she dreams of being a torch singer draped over a piano; Texan enough to live by the motto (on her notepad) "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it."


Jan. 25th, 2006 02:03 pm
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In case you were wondering if you could make a candle out of earwax, I asked my friend Kelly The Doctor, and this is what she said:

Ear wax cannot be used as candle wax....ear wax is really gross, and doesn't burn. It's all made up of bodily-secretions and such. Although, now that I think about it...anything with a carbon source (ie everything) and enough heat will it will (but certainly not in a pleasant way).
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I have to be here (at work) until 9 tonight but the people aren't coming until 7, so I am in some downtime. I SHOULD go eat dinner, but I am not hungry yet. Too bad I am going to be a starvin Marvin by the time I finally leave around 9...

How about this January weather?? Sixty degrees. Now THIS is a winter I could live with!!

Weather for Las Vegas next week: Upper 50's to low 60's. MONEY. We leave Wednesday for Vegas since Jes turns 21 this Sunday. Crazy. My lil sister is all growed up!

I hadn't planned on driving downtown today but the metro parking lot was full. I am praying that I have enough gas to get back!

Last night I went to G's and we met up with some of his friends and rented Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brad and Angelina were TOTALLY getting it on during that movie because they had ZERO chemistry on screen. Totally bogus movie, too. Not believeable at ALL. But that was part of the humor to it, right? Right??

Volleyball starts up again tomorrow and I am stoked. Can't wait to get back on the courts. My New Years resolution this year is to be in bikini shape by my birthday, since we'll be out in Cali for a wedding. I figure if I start now, I might make it...we'll see how it actually pans out.

Still not hungry...oh well. I'll be drinking lots of water and hopefully that will help fill me up.
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This is one of the FUNNIEST THINGS I have EVER seen!!!  (Speakers must be on.)

Llama Song

Baby names

Jan. 5th, 2006 02:25 pm
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According to, the two most popular girls names in the 1980'2 were.....

Jennifer and Jessica.

Gotta love my trendy parents!!

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It's not as cold today, thank goodness. I left yesterday because I could see my breath in my office. (The church has a radiator heating system and it's not turned on yet. My office has 5 windows and an outside door and NONE of them are sealed. Suffice to say it is FREEZING in my office when it's cold out. And hot as all get out when hot outside, but I prefer that.) On the plus side, though, my boss agreed that I need a space heater, so we're ordering one tomorrow. YAY SPACE HEATER!!!!!!!! I am so pumped for that. The idea of being warm at work is so darn exciting to me!!!!

My lunch is SO good today. I have a big thick sandwich of mozzerella, turkey, spinach and oregano, a side of Splendido tomatoes, grapes, and these super yummy apples that G's mom and sister picked. Oh and a Diet Barq's Rootbeer to wash it down with. Yum!!

I've been really busy at work lately, which is exciting, since I don't usually have a ton to do. I am getting everything set for January and March, which are our big college groups, and working on finalizing things for the summer. Little Miss Efficient!

My music tastes have been pretty off for the past few weeks. Usually I'm into my loud teenybopper/pop music, but lately it's been quiet easy listening stuff. I think maybe because I'm sick and it hurts my ears to have the music turned up so loud and the pop music HAS to be loud or it sounds silly to me.

Home tonight (to Mom and Dad's) for dinner and volleyball. I am excited for this. I am also excited for this weekend, since I will be in Boston for Orlando's wedding!!! WOO HOO!!!! PARTY TIME!!!!!

And that's life at the moment. Cold, busy, good!
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I have this irrational fear of dogs.

I have a dog. Not a small dog. Annie is an 85 pound black lab. Friendliest dog you have EVER met, but still, a big dog.

Yesterday as I was walking home there was a boxer off a leash. This dog was about the size of Annie. For some reason, I froze. The owner was about 20 feet away from the dog, talking to someone in their car, so it's not like this dog was just randomly running around, but my heart was still beating like crazy and I couldn't bring myself to just walk toward the dog. I ended up going the long way around the block to get to my apartment.

Probably no one cares, but I've never frozen like that before when it comes to dogs, so it was a weird experience for me.
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I really really really really want a chocolate shake. MMMM, or ice cream from Maggie Moos. That would also do it.

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckam today said that she's never read a book. Funny, because she's written one, and her husband has written two. I found that amusing.

Three more hours before I can go home and take a nap on the metro...dude, I am TIRED.
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YAY! I am going to Chi-town to see Kelly over Labor Day weekend!! I think this shall become an annual event.

Last night G drove alllllll the way from Gaithersburg to my mom and dad's house for dinner. And the general nonsense that is our family. It was a ton 'o fun. And I got a little snookered off of my mom's super yummy pina coladas. It POURED down rain while we were there, but at least it washed all the icky bird crap off my car.

The part of last night that was NOT fun was when I drove home without my wallet. So I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes on the metro this morning to get it back from them. Mad props to my mom, who handed me my wallet over the metro gates, meaning I did not have to pay to exit the station. She's the bestest, better than the restest, goooo MOM!

Tonight I get a fancy schmancy dinner because I am worth it.

Going to see Splintered Image again on Saturday night. Bringing some peeps, so it should be a good time.

I am already getting bogged down making reservations for next summer. In 24 hours, I got 5 different calls about the same week--and it's been booked for a month. Crazy.

I look super cute today. I love skirts that have the little flounce at the bottom. And mine does.


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