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For those of you who haven't seen this, it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's been a great past few days. Well, except for Tuesday, but after that was great.

Wednesday I met G at the MCI Center and we saw the Wizards play the Trailblazers. Stevie and Juan were back in town with the Trailblazers and they both got to play AND they both got loudly applauded--NOT booed--when they came in the game. I just love those guys. The Wizards won, which was good for us, but Stevie and Juan played, which was good for them. Then I went back to CP with G to get his car, then he took me home and we got to hang out for waaaaay too long. (Although my roommates got home MUCH later than he left, those party animals!!)

Yesterday G picked me up after work at Wheaton and we went back to his house for Chinese food with his mom. Then it was off to Wal-Mart for stuff for work for me and then we came back to his house and spent more time with his sis and mom. I had fun being "domestic" with him, as I told him yesterday.

Today I got in around 10 and I will be leaving around 12 for a lunch with one of my new board members. Then I am taking the rest of the day off for three reasons:
1. Tuesday SUCKED for me and I deserve this mental break.
2. The server will be down from noon to ??? most likely after six. So I can't do work anyway. (No email + no access to files = no working ability)
3. G's sister has a friend who is bringing a PUPPY to their house at 3 and I plan on being there to get puppyfied.

Also, I have some comp time that I can use so it will all work out.

I am looking out my window and I think it is snowing. NOOOOO. It's super sunshiney outside, but soooo windy and cold. I am all dressed up for my lunch and I wore my peacoat, not my winter jacket, so this snow is upsetting me right now. GRRRRR.

That's been my life lately. Have a great weekend!
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"I hate the use of the term "zombie" to refer to the living dead. A zombie is a very specific term used in some Caribbean cultures to refer to those people who are given certain drugs, ceremonially buried alive and then removed from their graves (still alive but because of the drugs, believing they are dead and without a will of their own)to be used as slaves."

I did not know this.
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On my radio show this morning, they did "What I am NOT thankful for" and I love that idea, so here I am posting my list.

What I am NOT Thankful For:
*Assholes who harass my sister
*People who stand on the left hand side of the escalator
*Adults who chaperone groups that come here and in their week's end reflection say "I am so glad to realize how lucky I am to have all of my stuff and to expose our kids to those people who are poor" since the really didn't get anything out of this trip and worse, are poisoning the minds of their youth
*Rain on days I have to walk to the metro station
*Maryland Football sucking right now
*Bush has 3 more years in office
*That asteroid that's going to smash into earth in 40 years and destroy us

I am also going to list things that I AM thankful for, to help outweigh the negativity of the above list. (These are things on top of my family, friends, house, food, life, etc. that I give thanks for every day.)

What I AM Thankful For:
*John Gilchrist is not at Maryland anymore
*Roommates who I LIKE spending time with
*Hot pink stiletto shoes
*My space heater at work
*My new mousepad at work with a gel wrist support
*Three day work weeks
*Chocolate pudding
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This HIGHLY amused me!!!

FAQ's about Naked Mole Rats

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I have recently been hired to a new position:  Personal Motivator to [ profile] yarbiedoll[profile] [profile] [ profile] yarbiedoll[profile] is a hottie.  And a smartypants.  And she's got skillz yo.

Thank you for your attention.
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And now mad props to [ profile] ccohoon for this survey!!!
[profile] Survey says.... )
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Tomorrow is a sad day. Women around the world will have their hearts broken.

Orlando is getting married.

But man, I am looking forward to THAT party!!! =) Boston in 24 hours baby....oh yeah!
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Last night was so fun.

Well, except for the whole running around like crazy because our A/C is broken in our apartment part. But the rest of it, now that was some good times.

I went to dinner at G's house and had some of the yummiest food ever. Then G and I went mim-golfing and my undefeated streak remains. Then we did the batting cages. That was my first time ever and it was so fun! After that we went to Rita's and I got chocolate custard with free sprinkles because I am just that cute. ;) Then it was back to G's house for some video games. Which I suck at, but it was fun anyway!

Question: G has a PS2. I like games like Mario Kart. That is for N64. Is there a comprable game for PS2? I don't like the shooting/killing games, I don't like the sports games, and I am not the hugest fan ever of the real car games. I want something fun and silly. Like a demolition derby game. That would rock! Any suggestions?
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Love it!!!  Urban camping.

I can't wait to have kids to do this with.  I remember that we used to do this in our backyard, too.  Or up in northern WI.  But that's more like real camping--we had to watch out for bears.  I think one year we set up a tent in our basement so we didn't even have to go outside to camp.  We watched cartoons from inside the tent...good times.

I miss being a little kid.


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