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Here's why:

Friday afternoon G picked me up from work and we went down to the Tidal Basin to see the Cherry Blossoms. Our original plan was to see the trees, catch a 5pm movie, grab dinner at 7pm and get me back to work by 9pm to handle my group. That didn't end up happening, though. It took us a while to find parking, but when we finally did, we decided to walk allllll the way around the tidal basin to see all the pretty trees. It was so fun. I took a ton of pictures that I will be downloading tonight, hopefully! I tried to do some artistic black and white, but I guess we'll have to wait and see how they turn out. Then my group ended up calling me around 7 to say they were about an hour away, which means they were an hour early. EARLY? That never happens! G and I ended up at a Thai resturant just down the street from the church and grabbed dinner before they showed up.

While I was doing the Orientation, G's friends called to tell us about a party in Arlington, so when I finished, we were off to VA. We stopped for some ice cream on the way and then we met up with Nick and Eugene. We got there about 10 and there were 2 kegs. We sat around upstairs in the living room hanging out and around 11:45, this girl comes in and says "The kegs are tapped, but there's some beer in the fridge downstairs." Ok, thanks for the info. Fifteen minutes later, one of the girls who lived in the house walks up to the front door, flicks the lights on and off and yells "There's no beer left, the party is over, GET OUT." So, basically, they kicked us out at midnight. LAAAAAAAAME!! But on our way out, Eugene checked the fridge and found a 24 pack of beer still in it, so he and Nick took that to continue the party elsewhere. ;) G and I headed home and ended up talking until waaaaaaaay later than either one of us should have been up.

Saturday I woke up after about 6 hours of sleep, got some stuff together, and drove go G's house. We went running and did some sprints/footwork stuff for about an hour, then grabbed quick showers and headed up to Baltimore for his Aunt's baby shower. I was the "official" photographer for the event, so I took another ton of pictures (after G ran out to replace my batteries when both of my sets and his extras failed). There was SO MUCH good food there--the BEST crab dip I've ever had, crab balls, spanikopita, fresh fruit (YUM pineapple!), goes on and on! I got the soon-to-be new parents some books and a picture frame and a little girl's outfit, cuz that's what I'm pushing for. Sadly, there were several boys outfits, so my karma might not work too well. But I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

After the party started to break up, G and his sister and cousins and I went for a little drive to a snowball stand and had yummy snowballs. We hung around B-more for a little while longer, then we headed home. On the way, G and I stopped at BlockBuster. We were trying to decide between "Prime" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin." I asked if his mom was going to watch with us and he said probably not, so we go "The 40 Year Old Virgin"--the unrated version. Good thing his mom decided she DID want to watch it with us. A.W.K.W.A.R.D. She decided about 20 minutes in that maybe this was not something she wanted to watch after all, so she went to bed. G and I finished the movie and then we realized that it was late and then we realized that it was even later because of Daylight Savings time, so I left.

After another mere 6 hours of sleep that night, I got up and headed to church on Sunday. After church I jetted home to see mom and dad for a bit. We ended up getting subs and taking them to church while they got ready for their last performance. After that I headed to the bank and then met some peeps at the movie theater for "V for Vendetta." Too bad we were an hour early for the show! So we ended up at TGIFriday's and I had an Ultimate Mudslide before we headed back to the theater. WOW. Good movie! It reminded me of the book "1984" but with someone who wants to do something about it. And I only shrieked out loud once in the whole movie. Yes, I cringed a lot, but shreiking was held to a minimum!

The movie got out just in time for me to run back to church for youth group. After we did some planning, we went outside on the playground for the rest of the night. I got a blister teaching the kids how to spin each other on the tire swing and make themselves very ill in doing so. We had one girl who I think puked on the car ride home...I hope we don't get phone calls about that! After I left, I called mom for an update on the Lady Terps game (final four in the women's NCAA tourney) and found out it was not on radio. BOOO. So instead I went waaaaaay faster than normal on the beltway and made it to G's house in record time and saw the end of the game, which we WON. YAY!!!! At least one of our basketball teams is worth watching. After that we watched "Gray's Anatomy" and then we talked more and then it was late again and I had to go.

I got more than 6 hours of sleep last night, amazingly enough, but the best part is that I am AWAKE and energetic today! The rain has held off so far and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it does for a little while longer, since I really want to go running when I get home from work. I've been super busy at work so far today, but that's good--it feels nice to check off a whole bunch of things on my to-do list!
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I need a weekend where all I do is sit around and do nothing. I haven't had one of those in what feels like forever. This weekend was no exception...

Friday G picked me up in Bethesda where we went to Barnes and Noble for a bit then met up with his sister and her boyfriend for dinner at this Indian Resturant. Apparently, I don't like Indian food. They promised it wouldn't be spicy--and when G tried my dish, he said it was the spiciest Indian food he ever had. Yeah. After dinner, we drove to my apartment so I could get my car and follow G to his house. We parked our cars and hopped in his friend Ira's car and we were off to Ellicott City. In Ellicott City, we parked Ira's car and hopped into their friend Dan's minivan and headed into downtown Baltimore. Dan is just finishing med school and got into his number one choice for residency, so we went out to celebrate. I volunteered to be the DD (which was pretty funny, given that I am the only one with Irish ancestry and it was St. Patrick's Day) but I still had a fun time. We went to three different bars and all had good music. Excellent! We left Balmer around 1:15, got to Ellicott City around 1:45 and back to G's house around 2:00. I got home around 2:30 but had to take a shower since I was covered in cigarette smoke.

I got to wake up early on Saturday and drive BACK to Baltimore (Catonsville, technically) to put the second coat of primer on my cousin's room. On the way back to my house, I stopped by G's for a little bit, then jetted back to my house for a quick shower and it was back to G's. Dan and Rach brought over some BBQ and we hung out with them for a little on Saturday evening.

Sunday I was up and heading to church when I realized I was going to be late and I didn't have any money for the offering anyway, so instead I went home. I did laundry, played with Jessie's chinchilla and changed my oil, then it was off to youth group in the afternoon. We took the kids swimming, but I sat and watched them. They asked me why I wasn't going to swim and I told them I still had my winter body and I wasn't ready to be in summer outfits yet. *Sigh* I really need to get on that. California is coming up quick... After we got back from swimming, it was back home. We had some friends over for dinner and to celebrate my mom's birthday and Miss Heidi's birthday. Lots of good food, good drink, and good CAKE was had by all! Plus, I offered to take Katie prom dress shopping and she wants a hot pink prom dress, so that will be tons o' fun!! I got home a little after 10 and watched Gray's Anatomy with Kym and Tania while Tania and I both worked on projects. It was "arts and crafts night" at our place! I talked to G and went to bed way too late for how tired I was, but the frosting from the cake was keeping me up hardcore. OH and my mom bought me a hot pink electric toothbrush which I used last night for the first time and I am now convinced I have cavaties, which means I need to go to the dentist, which makes me upset just thinking about it. I really really really hate the dentist.

This morning I got a late start, but am all caught up here at work. I was planning on taking Friday off, but now I need to do things on Wed. and Friday might not work anyway, so I am trying to figure out what needs to be done so that I am not swamped on Thursday. I also balanced my checkbook, which had been off by a significant amount, but I am all squared away now. I am tired of having to pay bills, though. I never realized how nice it was to have mom and dad pay for everything back in the day!
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This weekend was crazy. CRAZY!!!

Thursday night I watched Maryland win and go to the second round of the ACC tournament. And that was all the MD happiness I had for the rest of the weekend.

Friday I ended up driving into work and then drove out to G's house for dinner. We ordered Chinese food and sat outside on the deck to eat because it was SO freaking nice out. I left around 7:15 to head to Dan and Rach's house so G could study some more. Rach and I went out shopping to Target and Kohl's. I was looking for a dress to wear to the wedding in CA and a gift for G's Aunt's baby shower. At Target, I got a pair of flip-flops, a pair of brown shoes, a pair of hot pink gym shorts, two boxes of cereal, and a dress to wear around CA but not nice enough to wear to the wedding. If you read carefully, you'll notice that I didn't actually NEED any of that!! (Well, except for the cereal.) At Kohl's, Rach and I spent about an hour in the baby clothes section fussing over all the adorable little girl baby stuff. Sorry boys. Baby girl stuff is WAY cuter. I ended up getting a cute picture frame for the shower and I'm going to find something else, too. (Ideas?) I also got St. Patrick's Day socks for me, Kym and Tania. =) After shopping, we got some Pilsbury cinnamon rolls to make for dessert. We were planning on watching the MD vs. BC game, but stupid Comcast wasn't showing it. @#($*^!@(#*^!*@&$^ I had plenty of choice words for that idea. Instead, Rach and I looked at all of her cool jewelry making stuff and then watched Dan play Tiger Woods golf while we ate our cinnamon rolls.

I left around midnight and headed to mom and dad's house. My uncle is a track coach and he is in town with one of his sprinters for a national meet over in Landover. The girl and her mom were in my room and Jessie's room and my uncle was in the guest room, which left....a couch (not a pull out) for me. That wasn't too bad. What WAS too bad was that I got home around 12:40 and realized that I had left my bag of toiletries on my bed at my apartment. Luckily, I found an extra contact case and solution under the sink in the guest bathroom.

Saturday I woke up around 8 (earlier than I do for work!) and got ready to go to the White House with my mom, Uncle, track star, and track star's mom. It was cool to see the White House, but at the same time, I think I was expecting a whole lot more. After the tour, we ate at the Reagan building and then went to Ford's Theater and the house where Lincoln died, which was cool in a nerdy, historic way. After that, mom and I headed home while the rest went to the track meet. From home, I headed up to Baltimore to start painting my cousin's room Harry Potterish. We got the first coat of Killz primer on in less than 2 hours, which bodes well for finishing the rest of the room! (Side note: Killz stinks to high heaven. Holy smack, is it headache inducing!) After that, I headed to Rockville to eat dinner, shower, and get ready to go to a party with G. He picked me up around 9:30 and we met up with all of his friends from high school and had a ton of fun at the party. I got to talk to the couple getting married in CA and they are so great. I love them! They are so California chill and relaxed about everything! We got home from the party around 1 and G and I hung out until about 2 and then he left and I passed out.

Sunday I got up at 9:30 and headed to church. The sermon was really great this week--all about use the bible as a guideline to living your life, not as GOD'S WORD WRITTEN DOWN FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!!! Also, that Jesus came here to teach us one thing: LOVE each other. That's really all he wants us to do. Anyway, I liked it. I poked Erik awake a couple times and he probably would have done the same to me if he hadn't been nodding off more than I was. ;) After church I headed home and baked cookies for G while watching the ACC Championship game. DAMN I hate Duke. I helped my dad with some yard work, then he helped me with a Secret Project, then I baked more cookies, then they all (mom, dad, uncle, track star, track star's mom) went out to dinner while I headed to Youth Group. We watched "Sky High" and ate pizza, which was great. After youth group, I stopped by G's house to drop off his cookies and then finally got home around 10:30. I watched the end of "Grey's Anatomy" with Tania and Kym and then showered and went to bed.

I woke up this morning at 8:30 and was in my office at 9:45 so I could leave at 11 to meet everyone (mom, dad, uncle, track star, track star's mom) at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. Track star and I got free milkshakes because they forgot to bring them to us but left us the check for them. Nice! I had to leave because my group called me but I really like the woman who is here this week, so I just spent an hour talking with her and things look good. I have some (as in a LOT of) errands to run tonight and Tania is feeding Kym and I turkey meatloaf and garlic mashed potatos. YUM!

Oh, and also, it's 81 degrees today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet. It's supposed to get worse as the week goes on, but oh well. This week is super busy for me but next week I finally have a break, which is good becuase I just realized yesterday that G's spring break starts on Thursday (since he doesn't have Friday classes) so I am looking forward to having time and him having time and us spending time together!

So that's why I am tired today and will probably continue to be tired throughout the week. But it's worth it.
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I am stoked to have March here. It means we're just that much closer to WARMTH. And SUNSHINE. And MY BIRTHDAY. And CALIFORNIA!!!!!

Monday I went home from work with a super headache. I went to bed early, expecting to sleep soundly and awake nice and refreshed on Tuesday morning. Ha. Instead, I tossed and turned all night and after being SO COLD all day, I ended up being freakin hot and sweaty by the time I dragged myself out of bed in the morning. Luckily, once I got up and showered, I was feeling much better.

I drove into work yesterday since I had to leave early and head to my church in Bowie. Monday and Tuesday were really slow for me here--no phone calls, a few emails, and not a lot to do. So leaving at 3:30 was not a big deal for me yesterday! I left early to head to church for our annual Pancake Supper, a fundraiser to help send the Senior High Youth Group to ASP. Plus, it's pancakes for dinner. YUM! After I burned my fingers serving the first few plates, I decided to take the tickets instead. My dad came and I ate dinner with him, then afterwards counted the money (let's just say we were very successful!) and then headed out. I stopped by G's house for a little bit and had some of the cookies I made on Sunday, which are actually really good! We watched American Idol with his mom then went to fill up my car with gas, then I dropped him off and headed home to bed.

I woke up early again today after going to bed early and if this means my body is adjusting to getting up with only 8 hours of sleep...I'll take it!! I actually have stuff to do today, although I am almost done, but it makes me feel like I am needed and productive today! Mom gets back from Disneyworld tonight, so I'm going with Dad to pick her up from the airport, then it's off to volleyball for me. I'm guessing MD is going to lose tonight, so I'm not even going to bother to listen to the game on my way home. I wish we didn't suck so bad. I miss Stevie!!! ;)
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This weekend was busy, but in a low-key kind of way.

On Friday, I went home and did some stuff around the house while G studied. We met up around 9:30 and went for a drive up to Gaithersburg and ended up at this sushi place. Now, I don't really like sushi...but man, that was some good stuff!!

Saturday I was woken up at 8 frickin 45 in the morning by drilling, pounding, and radio playing from the condo next to us. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Those #*&$%@*#&$%'s were SO loud that I could hear them over my tv. Poor Tania was woken up by it, too, and she was still feeling pretty icky with the flu. I felt bad for her. =( I picked up G around 5 and we headed to my church for a spaghetti dinner fundraiser where we met up with my dad. (My mom is in Disneyworld. What a punk.) Dinner was good, but the cake for dessert was better!! We went back to my dad's house for a while and G and my dad talked model cars (and we found out that my dad has over TWO HUNDRED cars) and we showed G that there are 3 more closets in our house FULL of kits that he never knew about. His eyes lit up like it was Christmas!! I almost fell asleep while he and my dad were talking, but luckily my toothache kept me awake. I popped some advil and then we were on our way to Cohoon's house. We stopped at Giant on the way for some snacks, then headed over. Erik and Joe came over, too, and we played pool, ate snacks, and watched this stand-up redneck comedy that was HILARIOUS.

Sunday I went to church and then my dad and I came home for lunch. We went ice skating for youth group (and I didn't fall!) and on my way home I stopped for my prescriptions and groceries. Dad and I watched the Terps SUCK while I tried my hand at baking. I wanted to make a "healthy" version of sugar cookies, so I used a low-fat recipe and used whole wheat flour instead of white. They turned out more cinnamonny than sugary, but they were pretty good. After dinner I finished frosting the cookies, then headed toward my house. I got all of a mile away when the oil light came on in my car, so I headed back to dad's house. We checked my oil and there was NOTHING registering on the dipstick. So dad added 2 quarts while I checked the maintenance log of my car. Last time the oil was recorded as being changed: 148,000 miles. In 2004. My car now: 161,000 miles. In 2006. NOT GOOD. (Except we're both pretty sure that we've changed it at least once since then and just forgot to record it.) Suffice to say we will be changing my oil the next time it gets warm enough to be outside for half an hour! When I finally got back on the road, I called G and asked him if he wanted to try my baking disaster. He actually liked the cookies, so I traded him for some Greek style ones that I really like. Sweet! I got home and went straight to bed.

Today is a pretty slow day for me. I don't have a lot going on until this afternoon, but I am starting to feel a little run down, so I plan on going home and going to bed as early as possible. I don't think I am coming down with the flu or even a cold; I think that I am just tired out from late nights and early mornings this weekend. Supposedly it's going to snow this afternoon, so I am hoping that either it starts late enough that I am not walking in it or it starts early and ends before I have to walk. Either way--I don't want to be walking in snow!!
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Wanna go out to eat at a nice resturant and not feel guilty about spending so much?  Then go out for Dining Out for Life, which will donate a portion of their income that night to various agencies around the nation that are fighting the AIDS epidemic.  More details can be found here:

There are several cities around the nation to choose from with different dates, so please take a look!

Washington, DC - March 9
Dallas - March 11
Asheville, LA, Chicago, San Francisco - April 27th
Baltimore - April 28th

Please help spread the word and have yourself a nice meal!
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(At least it feels like I've used that subject that many times!)

This weekend was really low-key for us. G picked me up from the metro and we got a pizza on the way home. We booked our hotel for the Highway 101 part of our CA trip and then played some Dukes of Hazzard. We still didn't unlock the demolition derby though. GRRRR.

Saturday I just bummed around the house all day. I can't remember what I did. Oh, I cleaned my room, which was important later. I also slept until noon, so maybe that's why it seems like I didn't really do anything! G picked me up and we went into Bethesda and had dinner with some friends of his at Austin Grill. It was really good, I'd never been before. They're also going to be at the wedding this summer, so we talked a little about our plans, then conversation turned to Greece, since they'll be going there in September for their honeymoom. (G will be in that wedding, which means hottie in a tux!!) It was WAY too cold to walk around Bethesda after we ate, so we headed back to my apartment and played "Battle of the Sexes" which the girls won. Twice. G's friends left after that so he and I watched "Fallen" and then "The Cosby Show" with Tania before getting tired and going to bed.

Sunday I went to church and then we had youth group right after. We tagged teddy bears and next week (possibly?) we will be taking them to nursing homes. Mom and I did some shopping on the way home and then I just bummed around their house for the rest of the day looking at pictures of my mom when she was little and at a scrapbook my grandma made for my dad when he was a baby through high school. THAT was a fun time! Dinner was salmon steaks and asparagus and YUM! I was hoping to leave by 9, but Jes called right around then and I stayed to talk to her, so I finally got on the road at 10 something.

Yesterday I came into work to get a comp day, since I'll probably take a day off over G's Spring Break. It's amazing how much work I got done with no one else here and no screaming little children running around like crazy!! I think I finished everything I needed to do for the rest of the week almost! Also, there's lots of drama at work right now, but hopefully that will clear up pretty soon.
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Yesterday was a pretty good day...I made it home to mom and dad's house in traffic that wasn't TOO bad, even though I left about half an hour later than I normally do. I showed them The Pink Sparkly and they very much approved! =) Dinner was left over homemade chicken soup and it was so good. I love my mom's home cooking! Volleyball was fun and quite a workout, as it's starting to be super competitive all the time. I got home pretty late and was totally wiped out, so I took a shower, talked to G for just a few mins and then went to bed.

Today has been a good day, too, when I finally got out of bed...I was so tired this morning, I finally had to MAKE myself get up at 8:45, which is half an hour later than I hoped to be up. I finished my book on the metro, got a lot done in the morning, and had yummy Chipotle for lunch. I tried the carnitas (pulled pork) and I am not such a fan. I think I'll be sticking with chicken. Ugh, I am SOOO stuffed though, I feel like I can hardly move.

It's soooo nice out today...sunshiney and warm, crocuses and daffodils coming up, birds singing, motorcades driving by. ;) It's nice! I wish it would stay this warm out, but I think it's going to get cold again. Bummer.
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Wow, am I a spoiled girl or what!!

Not only did I get The Pink Sparkly from G on Friday, but yesterday I got beautiful pink flowers, a perfume oil, my favorite cookies from Giant, hand-made chocolate covered candied orange peels, and hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries!!!!

AND I got the dinner I have been craving for a week!!

I heart him muchly!!
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So, today was not as perfect as I had hoped. I did have a bad part of my day...

I had a meeting at 2pm and the girl brought me a DOZEN Krispy Kreme donuts.

I have only managed to give away 9.

Which means there are three Krispy Kreme donuts sitting on my desk and taunting me.

Really...if this was what my bad days were like all the time, I'd totally take it!


Feb. 1st, 2006 11:13 am
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Giant had strawberries on sale yesterday so for breakfast this morning I had vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, and granola all mixed up together. That's pretty much what I had every day this summer and it made me feel all summery and happy and that was nice. =)
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Last night, G took me to one of the best Italian places I have EVER eaten at. It was SO good!!!! I had tomato gnocchi and he had linguine with squidies, both of which were delish. I made him promise to take me back again so I can try the other 6 dishes I couldn't have last night!

Today for our staff Christmas lunch (ahh, the joys of working in a church and having a Christmas lunch, not a holiday lunch!) is at Al Tiramisu in Dupont Circle, which is also supposed to have fabulous pasta. The only downside is the snow that we're going to have to walk through to get there, but I am hoping it will be worth it!!


Nov. 21st, 2005 01:25 pm
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The three year olds had their "Thanksgiving Feast" today and they asked me to help them eat the leftovers. I had broccoli, rice, and turkey, all of which are my favorite. SOOOO YUMMY!!!!

Of course, now I am going to be falling asleep at my computer thanks to the turkey!! But you know what...I'll take it!!
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Yesterday was a great fabulous wonderful day. I got up early and went in to work early so I could head out to a service project with one of my groups.  We went to Martha's Table and while part of the group did food prep, our half got to clean and organize one of the daycare classrooms.  (MT provides daycare for homeless and/or extreme poverty kids.)  Organizing is one of my favorite things to do (NERD!) and when it's for a daycare for wittle babies and toddlers, well that just adds to the fun factor!  Laura and I worked our little tails off for two hours.  I can't say the same for most of the high school girls we were working with, but maybe in a few years they will have matured to the point where they can actually do work at service projects instead of sitting at a table and braiding each others hair.  Who knows. 

After that, we came back to the office and had about an hour before I was scheduled to do a workshop for the same group.  The workshop went really well and Laura had a good time doing the workshop with the kids.  After the workshop ended, I jetted back to my office, got my stuff together, and headed home for dinner.

We ended up eating out with some family friends.  We met them at a seafood place up in Balmer, and we ordered the crab feast.  Jes and I each said we could eat about a dozen large Maryland crabs, no problem.  The problem was that these weren't MD crabs, and the large ones were approximately the equivalent of an extra EXTRA large MD crab.  Holy smokes, Batman!  These were THE. BEST. crabs I have ever had.  Soooo meaty.  I even started giving up the claws because getting to the meat inside was so much more rewarding.  I made it through 9 and then I had to stop, lest I hurl.

Then today I went to Chipotle with David and I am stuffed yet again.  But, I ate a lot less than I normally do and was stuffed.  I was excited by that concept.  Maybe my stomach is shrinking and I won't be able to eat as much.  That would certainly help with the quest to get in shape for the beach in 4 more weeks...


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