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When Jesus said "Love your enemies"
I think he meant don't kill them....
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This weekend was crazy. CRAZY!!!

Thursday night I watched Maryland win and go to the second round of the ACC tournament. And that was all the MD happiness I had for the rest of the weekend.

Friday I ended up driving into work and then drove out to G's house for dinner. We ordered Chinese food and sat outside on the deck to eat because it was SO freaking nice out. I left around 7:15 to head to Dan and Rach's house so G could study some more. Rach and I went out shopping to Target and Kohl's. I was looking for a dress to wear to the wedding in CA and a gift for G's Aunt's baby shower. At Target, I got a pair of flip-flops, a pair of brown shoes, a pair of hot pink gym shorts, two boxes of cereal, and a dress to wear around CA but not nice enough to wear to the wedding. If you read carefully, you'll notice that I didn't actually NEED any of that!! (Well, except for the cereal.) At Kohl's, Rach and I spent about an hour in the baby clothes section fussing over all the adorable little girl baby stuff. Sorry boys. Baby girl stuff is WAY cuter. I ended up getting a cute picture frame for the shower and I'm going to find something else, too. (Ideas?) I also got St. Patrick's Day socks for me, Kym and Tania. =) After shopping, we got some Pilsbury cinnamon rolls to make for dessert. We were planning on watching the MD vs. BC game, but stupid Comcast wasn't showing it. @#($*^!@(#*^!*@&$^ I had plenty of choice words for that idea. Instead, Rach and I looked at all of her cool jewelry making stuff and then watched Dan play Tiger Woods golf while we ate our cinnamon rolls.

I left around midnight and headed to mom and dad's house. My uncle is a track coach and he is in town with one of his sprinters for a national meet over in Landover. The girl and her mom were in my room and Jessie's room and my uncle was in the guest room, which left....a couch (not a pull out) for me. That wasn't too bad. What WAS too bad was that I got home around 12:40 and realized that I had left my bag of toiletries on my bed at my apartment. Luckily, I found an extra contact case and solution under the sink in the guest bathroom.

Saturday I woke up around 8 (earlier than I do for work!) and got ready to go to the White House with my mom, Uncle, track star, and track star's mom. It was cool to see the White House, but at the same time, I think I was expecting a whole lot more. After the tour, we ate at the Reagan building and then went to Ford's Theater and the house where Lincoln died, which was cool in a nerdy, historic way. After that, mom and I headed home while the rest went to the track meet. From home, I headed up to Baltimore to start painting my cousin's room Harry Potterish. We got the first coat of Killz primer on in less than 2 hours, which bodes well for finishing the rest of the room! (Side note: Killz stinks to high heaven. Holy smack, is it headache inducing!) After that, I headed to Rockville to eat dinner, shower, and get ready to go to a party with G. He picked me up around 9:30 and we met up with all of his friends from high school and had a ton of fun at the party. I got to talk to the couple getting married in CA and they are so great. I love them! They are so California chill and relaxed about everything! We got home from the party around 1 and G and I hung out until about 2 and then he left and I passed out.

Sunday I got up at 9:30 and headed to church. The sermon was really great this week--all about use the bible as a guideline to living your life, not as GOD'S WORD WRITTEN DOWN FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!!! Also, that Jesus came here to teach us one thing: LOVE each other. That's really all he wants us to do. Anyway, I liked it. I poked Erik awake a couple times and he probably would have done the same to me if he hadn't been nodding off more than I was. ;) After church I headed home and baked cookies for G while watching the ACC Championship game. DAMN I hate Duke. I helped my dad with some yard work, then he helped me with a Secret Project, then I baked more cookies, then they all (mom, dad, uncle, track star, track star's mom) went out to dinner while I headed to Youth Group. We watched "Sky High" and ate pizza, which was great. After youth group, I stopped by G's house to drop off his cookies and then finally got home around 10:30. I watched the end of "Grey's Anatomy" with Tania and Kym and then showered and went to bed.

I woke up this morning at 8:30 and was in my office at 9:45 so I could leave at 11 to meet everyone (mom, dad, uncle, track star, track star's mom) at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. Track star and I got free milkshakes because they forgot to bring them to us but left us the check for them. Nice! I had to leave because my group called me but I really like the woman who is here this week, so I just spent an hour talking with her and things look good. I have some (as in a LOT of) errands to run tonight and Tania is feeding Kym and I turkey meatloaf and garlic mashed potatos. YUM!

Oh, and also, it's 81 degrees today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet. It's supposed to get worse as the week goes on, but oh well. This week is super busy for me but next week I finally have a break, which is good becuase I just realized yesterday that G's spring break starts on Thursday (since he doesn't have Friday classes) so I am looking forward to having time and him having time and us spending time together!

So that's why I am tired today and will probably continue to be tired throughout the week. But it's worth it.


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