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When Jesus said "Love your enemies"
I think he meant don't kill them....
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I need a weekend where all I do is sit around and do nothing. I haven't had one of those in what feels like forever. This weekend was no exception...

Friday G picked me up in Bethesda where we went to Barnes and Noble for a bit then met up with his sister and her boyfriend for dinner at this Indian Resturant. Apparently, I don't like Indian food. They promised it wouldn't be spicy--and when G tried my dish, he said it was the spiciest Indian food he ever had. Yeah. After dinner, we drove to my apartment so I could get my car and follow G to his house. We parked our cars and hopped in his friend Ira's car and we were off to Ellicott City. In Ellicott City, we parked Ira's car and hopped into their friend Dan's minivan and headed into downtown Baltimore. Dan is just finishing med school and got into his number one choice for residency, so we went out to celebrate. I volunteered to be the DD (which was pretty funny, given that I am the only one with Irish ancestry and it was St. Patrick's Day) but I still had a fun time. We went to three different bars and all had good music. Excellent! We left Balmer around 1:15, got to Ellicott City around 1:45 and back to G's house around 2:00. I got home around 2:30 but had to take a shower since I was covered in cigarette smoke.

I got to wake up early on Saturday and drive BACK to Baltimore (Catonsville, technically) to put the second coat of primer on my cousin's room. On the way back to my house, I stopped by G's for a little bit, then jetted back to my house for a quick shower and it was back to G's. Dan and Rach brought over some BBQ and we hung out with them for a little on Saturday evening.

Sunday I was up and heading to church when I realized I was going to be late and I didn't have any money for the offering anyway, so instead I went home. I did laundry, played with Jessie's chinchilla and changed my oil, then it was off to youth group in the afternoon. We took the kids swimming, but I sat and watched them. They asked me why I wasn't going to swim and I told them I still had my winter body and I wasn't ready to be in summer outfits yet. *Sigh* I really need to get on that. California is coming up quick... After we got back from swimming, it was back home. We had some friends over for dinner and to celebrate my mom's birthday and Miss Heidi's birthday. Lots of good food, good drink, and good CAKE was had by all! Plus, I offered to take Katie prom dress shopping and she wants a hot pink prom dress, so that will be tons o' fun!! I got home a little after 10 and watched Gray's Anatomy with Kym and Tania while Tania and I both worked on projects. It was "arts and crafts night" at our place! I talked to G and went to bed way too late for how tired I was, but the frosting from the cake was keeping me up hardcore. OH and my mom bought me a hot pink electric toothbrush which I used last night for the first time and I am now convinced I have cavaties, which means I need to go to the dentist, which makes me upset just thinking about it. I really really really hate the dentist.

This morning I got a late start, but am all caught up here at work. I was planning on taking Friday off, but now I need to do things on Wed. and Friday might not work anyway, so I am trying to figure out what needs to be done so that I am not swamped on Thursday. I also balanced my checkbook, which had been off by a significant amount, but I am all squared away now. I am tired of having to pay bills, though. I never realized how nice it was to have mom and dad pay for everything back in the day!
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Also, I have quite possibly the Best Boyfriend Ever.

My sister's car wouldn't start this morning, so she calls my dad, who is already in DC. He suggests she call G. Jes calls G and he offers to come jump her car or if that doesn't work, take her battery home and charge it and bring it back to her later. Because he is just that amazing and wonderful.

(This also happens to be the car that died while he was following me on the BW Parkway once so he has experience with rescuing McClurg women from this car!!)
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This weekend was busy, but in a low-key kind of way.

On Friday, I went home and did some stuff around the house while G studied. We met up around 9:30 and went for a drive up to Gaithersburg and ended up at this sushi place. Now, I don't really like sushi...but man, that was some good stuff!!

Saturday I was woken up at 8 frickin 45 in the morning by drilling, pounding, and radio playing from the condo next to us. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Those #*&$%@*#&$%'s were SO loud that I could hear them over my tv. Poor Tania was woken up by it, too, and she was still feeling pretty icky with the flu. I felt bad for her. =( I picked up G around 5 and we headed to my church for a spaghetti dinner fundraiser where we met up with my dad. (My mom is in Disneyworld. What a punk.) Dinner was good, but the cake for dessert was better!! We went back to my dad's house for a while and G and my dad talked model cars (and we found out that my dad has over TWO HUNDRED cars) and we showed G that there are 3 more closets in our house FULL of kits that he never knew about. His eyes lit up like it was Christmas!! I almost fell asleep while he and my dad were talking, but luckily my toothache kept me awake. I popped some advil and then we were on our way to Cohoon's house. We stopped at Giant on the way for some snacks, then headed over. Erik and Joe came over, too, and we played pool, ate snacks, and watched this stand-up redneck comedy that was HILARIOUS.

Sunday I went to church and then my dad and I came home for lunch. We went ice skating for youth group (and I didn't fall!) and on my way home I stopped for my prescriptions and groceries. Dad and I watched the Terps SUCK while I tried my hand at baking. I wanted to make a "healthy" version of sugar cookies, so I used a low-fat recipe and used whole wheat flour instead of white. They turned out more cinnamonny than sugary, but they were pretty good. After dinner I finished frosting the cookies, then headed toward my house. I got all of a mile away when the oil light came on in my car, so I headed back to dad's house. We checked my oil and there was NOTHING registering on the dipstick. So dad added 2 quarts while I checked the maintenance log of my car. Last time the oil was recorded as being changed: 148,000 miles. In 2004. My car now: 161,000 miles. In 2006. NOT GOOD. (Except we're both pretty sure that we've changed it at least once since then and just forgot to record it.) Suffice to say we will be changing my oil the next time it gets warm enough to be outside for half an hour! When I finally got back on the road, I called G and asked him if he wanted to try my baking disaster. He actually liked the cookies, so I traded him for some Greek style ones that I really like. Sweet! I got home and went straight to bed.

Today is a pretty slow day for me. I don't have a lot going on until this afternoon, but I am starting to feel a little run down, so I plan on going home and going to bed as early as possible. I don't think I am coming down with the flu or even a cold; I think that I am just tired out from late nights and early mornings this weekend. Supposedly it's going to snow this afternoon, so I am hoping that either it starts late enough that I am not walking in it or it starts early and ends before I have to walk. Either way--I don't want to be walking in snow!!

Life update

Feb. 2nd, 2006 11:18 am
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I haven't done this in a while, so here's a quick life update.

Life is GOOD! =)

G is back in school, which keeps him busy, but weekends are ours to spend time together. Last weekend we went out to dinner with his sis, then out to the bars (for the first time!!) with my sis and got to meet up with Dan and Rach while we were at it.

My car got taken in for repairs and now it doesn't vibrate as bad as it used to. I no longer get out of my car with a headache from the insane, loud vibrations. (Also, it was a motor mount that was coming loose which now officially makes TWO cars that I have had the engine almost fall out of when I was driving it. To go with all the other car drama that you know comes with me!)

Volleyball is rockin'. There are consistently 16-20 people showing up, which means playing 3 round robin games each night. AND these new people are GOOD. Which means I get to show off my skillz yo. ;) Seriously, though, last night I had this AMAZING hit. I feel really good about playing. If I had relaxed at UMD the way I do here, I would have been so much better. It's amazing how good you can be when you are having fun.

Work is going great. I was super busy for a while there, when we got back from Vegas, but now I am all caught up, which is great. I also got several emails in the past few days saying I was "awesome," "great" and "fantastic" which is so nice, given that my Group From Hell arrives in two weeks.

On Tuesday, I was most amused by my roommates as Tania and I listened to Kym yell at Bush through the TV while he gave his State of the Union address. I am really going to miss those girls when we move out in August. =(

So that's about it for now. Like I said, life is good. I've been keeping busy but still having fun, which is really the most important part! Sometimes I still feel like I need to be doing more to save the world, but one day at a time, one step at a time, I am doing my own little part.
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Went to a holiday lunch with my boss and my friend David and exchanged gifts. Got yummy smelling candles and brown sugar body scrub. YUM!! Spent the afternoon driving around with my boss to drop off holiday goodies for our service providers, then went to a vigil to remember all those homeless people who have died during the past year. Got home, got picked up by G, went to dinner for one of his friend's birthday. Spent the night at G's house because....

Mary's (G's sister) graduation day! Went to UMD early and watched Mary get her diploma. Went to Eggspectations in Silver Spring for brunch. Headed back to the G's house and can't remember what happened. On the way to taking me home, we finished his Christmas shopping. I packed things up that night to spend the weekend in Gambrills.

Went to work for a little while and spent 2 hours on the metro running around DC dropping off holiday goodies for my service providers that we didn't get to on Thursday. Headed home and did some last minute shopping on the way (liquor and cards.) Went to Miss Heidi's with the fam; G met us there. After that we went home and Erik came by so mom and dad gave the boys their Xmas gifts. Went to bed late.

Got up and went to Giant and Dollar Store with Jes to get groceries and gingerbread house decorations. Made what might go down in history as the Greatest Gingerbread House Ever Put Together By The McClurg Sisters. Headed off to G's house for Xmas Eve dinner. Got sideswiped in a hit and run on the way. Finally made it to G's house about an hour late. Had a yummy shrimp dinner and exchanged gifts with his fam. Got to church five minutes before the Xmas Eve service started. Took Erik home with us and saw some Xmas lights, then hung out until late.

Got up at 11 to open presents. Finished at 2. Got more clothes than other gifts, but I am cool with that! Got HP4 book, shot glasses to use, smelly candles, piggy bank, HOT PINK LUGGAGE and more stuff I can't remember. Erik dropped off his crazy dogs. Had dinner with the fam and mom's friends. Talked to the boy and went to bed.

Mom and I went to the Dollar Store and got all the half price decorations. Went to K-Mart and got storage containers for all my new Xmas decorations. Came home and went to neighbor's party where I GOT TO HOLD THE BABY!!!!!!!! Came home and watched TV with Jes and Erik's crazy dogs until G came over. Exchanged gifts (I got a pink watch and the Cinderella DVD--YAY!!!!!!!!!!!) and went to dinner. G had a humungous Long Island Iced Tea so I drove home and took the long way to see more fun lights. Hung out with the fam and Erik's crazy dogs, then G left.

At work. Have a lunch with a board member at 1. Hoping to be back at mom and dad's by 5:30 for dinner, then home to Rockville tonight finally. G will be coming with me to Rockville to carry all of my things up because there is a LOT.

At work. Two groups arrive. Busy day for Jen.

Going to New York City with G, Rach, Dan, and meeting Kelly and Steve-O. Should be a grand old time!!

At work. Probably not a long day.

G's New Year's party.

Recovering from Saturday.

Life starts again!
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Last night George picked me up at the metro station and we headed up to the Rockville Carmax. I had found a 2002 Corolla in an acceptable color and price range, so we went up to check it out. My parents drove all the way from Annapolis in rush hour traffic to meet us, as well. When we got there, we wandered around the lot for a bit. I found a V6 manual transmission Mustang in my price range...but not a convertible, and it was white, and rear wheel drive, which means no driving it in rain or snow. Which is only aobut 50% of the time here anyway. I was SO sad to have to leave my Mustang, but we had to find the Corolla.

We found it and it looked pretty good--there was a problem with the windsheild but the guy said they'd fix it before they sold it to us. So they guy gives us the keys to check out the inside. I sit in and start it up. It's perfect--just what I want!! So the guy takes my drivers license to go get me set up for a test drive. I get out of the car and start talking insurance with mom and dad. G gets in the car and starts messing around for old times sake. (He used to have a very similar Corolla.) All of the sudden, he interupts our insurance conversation and says "Uh, this car has no air conditioning."


WHAT?!?!?!?! I didn't even know they MADE cars without A/C!!! I mean, this wasn't a car from the 80's--it was a 2002!!! So they guy comes back out with the license plate for the test drive and I tell him, nope, sorry, ain't gonna even bother test driving since there's no A/C. He says "that's impossible." So he gets in the car and sure enough, no A/C for him either. *Sigh.* And then we left.

G and I headed to Bertucci's for some pizza, then over to CP to watch the game with some friends. YAY SPURS!!!!!!!! I [heart] Timmy Duncan!!!!! It was a fantastic game, and I was happy to watch it.


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